Do you suffer from any of these embarrassing conditions: Melasma, Age Spots, Hyper pigmentation, Dark Spots, Freckles, Sun Damage/Exposure, Scars ?

In as little as 2 weeks, 57% of women clinically demonstrated a significant reduction in dark spot intensity. Eliminate all your skin care color correction and skin lightening woes with a natural, soothing and hydrating way to lighten, tone and brighten the skin. Safe with natural ingredients and without the use of hydroquinone the solution for so many is finally here.

"We like this new line of advance skin lightening formulas - think of it as the next generation."

  • Rejuvenate

    Uneven skin tone and dark spots caused by sun damage are a few of the many things that make our faces look older. Corrective products are great but, they work much better and efficiently when they can reach the damage in higher concentrations. ALPHA LIGHT EXFOLIATOR combines Glycolic and Lactic acids to help gently sweep away dead skin cells. Exfoliating clears the path for treatment products to hit their target and correct discoloration. This essential daily product also contains color correcting ingredients for maximum effectiveness. Use it once a day, every day and see your skin revert to a time when there was only one, even tone. Night time is the best time to incorporate a “daily peel” because your skin repairs while you sleep.

  • Treat

    Quick absorbing and perfect for all skin types the ALPHA LIGHT SERUM works by preventing the enzyme chemicals, known as pigment activators, from starting the skin darkening process. Stopping the chain reaction of skin discoloration from starting prevents future dark spots and uneven skin tone in the future. The serum can penetrate to work deep within the skin layers and reverse the damage. Key active ingredients target the necessary skin cells to diminish discoloration, reduce the level of pigment, and produce a more luminous skin tone. No harsh, hazardous bleaching agents are used in our formulations because Alpha Light products work in tandem with the body’s own chemistry to correct darkened, discolored skin.

  • Repair

    New skin cells are protected from the darkening so the process doesn’t start again once you have corrected existing issues. Your skin is constantly turning over and creating new cells. It is vital to protect the newer, younger skin from being exposed to factors that cause uneven skin tone, such as UV exposure and acne. ALPHA LIGHT MOISTURIZER has been formulated to work within a typical skin care routine to stimulate new collagen and elastin production while promoting healthy cell growth for younger looking skin. Applying the Moisturizer after exfoliating and treating with the serum will help provide your skin with protection from photo aging, sun spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and other forms of skin discoloration.

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