Acne Scars

· What are Acne Scars ? : The result of a wound or injury to the skin caused by acne. Can include hyper or hypo pigmentation and a change in skin texture.

· What causes Acne Scars : Acne lesions that become inflamed and cause damage to the skin dermis. This damage can result in an over production of collagen, uneven healing, and damaged skin cells that begin producing too much pigment.

· How to treat Acne Scars : Daily exfoliation with Alpha Light Skin Bright Exfoliate will remove the dark or red areas and smooth the skin's texture. Alpha Light Skin Bright Serum and Moisturizer contain natural skin lightening agents that will keep the new healthy skin light and bright and even in tone.

  1. Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion 4 oz

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion 4 oz


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    Formulated To Target:
    • • Age Spots
    • •Uneven Skin
    • • Marks and Scars

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  2. skin brightening tca mask for dark spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Mask


    Benefit at a Glance:

    This potent skin detoxifying complex sets into the dermis to deliver nutrients that help reduce the appearance of expression lines as they promote a balanced and even tone.

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  3. Skin brightening and skin lightening facial toner with alpha hydroxy acid

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Toner

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    Benefit at a Glance:

    This alcohol free formula boasts an abundance of botanical extracts as well as natural exfoliators to prepare and protect the skin against age and environmental damage.

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  4. face spot treatment for dark marks on face

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Spot Treatment


    Visible aging is not inevitable or permanent. This spot treatment targets the most damaged areas of the skin and delivers powerfully lightening and brightening agents.

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