Hormonal Discoloration

  • What it Melasma : Dark spots/patches of skin caused by the release of excess pigment.


  • What causes Melasma : Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, hormone contraceptives, hormone therapy, stress, etc.


  • How to treat Melasma :    Daily exfoliation with Alpha Light Skin Bright Exfoliate will remove the dark areas of skin and allow treatment products to penetrate deeper.  Alpha Light Skin Bright Serum and Moisturizer contain natural skin lightening agents that will slow pigment production and keep the new healthy skin light, bright, and even in tone. Spf 30 or higher should be worn daily to protect the skin.
  1. Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion 4 oz

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Microdermabrasion 4 oz


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    Formulated To Target:
    • • Age Spots
    • •Uneven Skin
    • • Marks and Scars

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  2. Alpha Light SYSTEM

    Alpha Light SYSTEM


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    The complete System to lighten your skin. 1. Cleanse 2. Exfoliate 3. Serum 4. Moisturize. The results using this system are fantastic - Guaranteed. Our most popular kit for brightening your skin tone and pigment correction.

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  3. skin brightening tca mask for dark spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Mask


    Benefit at a Glance:

    This potent skin detoxifying complex sets into the dermis to deliver nutrients that help reduce the appearance of expression lines as they promote a balanced and even tone.

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  4. face spot treatment for dark marks on face

    Alpha Light Skin Bright Spot Treatment


    Visible aging is not inevitable or permanent. This spot treatment targets the most damaged areas of the skin and delivers powerfully lightening and brightening agents.

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