Q. Hello, I have severe melasma and have tried all sorts of home bleaching products but none have helped. I was considering having fraxel laser performed but after doing more research, I'm not convinced that's the best treatment for me. I found the Alpha Light peel on your website and was wondering what down time is peel would have and if it is right for me? I am Caucasian with light olive complexion, dry skin, 42, and have had melasma for 5+ years. I've tried hydroquinone and it did nothing for me.

A. Since you have dry skin, and the melasma has been around for 5+ years, I am going to suggest you get the Alpha Light System + Peel. This is going to supply you with a peel that you will do every 2-3 weeks, a daily exfoliator (a daily version of the peel), the treatment serum, and treatment cleanser. Down time is pretty minimal (7-10 days for each peel) compared to what you would have with Fraxel! The longer discoloration has been around, the more difficult it is to turn around so, the entire system with the peel is going to give you the fastest results possible!


Q. Since you have dry skin, and the melasma has been around for 5+ years, I am going to suggest you get the Alpha Light System + Peel. This is going to supply you with a peel that you will do every 2-3 weeks, a daily exfoliator (a daily version of the peel), the treatment serum, and treatment cleanser. Down time is pretty minimal (7-10 days for each peel) compared to what you would have with Fraxel!

A. The longer discoloration has been around, the more difficult it is to turn around so, the entire system with the peel is going to give you the fastest results possible!


Q. I have a little hyperpigmentation so I decided to do the Alpha Light peel. Will the hyperpigmentation look a little worse before it gets better?

A. The Alpha Light Peel is composed mainly of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and should not cause hyperpigmentation during the treatment process however, it is always to do what is called a “Patch Test” before applying to your entire face. This is done on the skin behind the earlobe at least 3 days prior to doing the peel and should be left on for the same amount of time you plan on leaving on your face. This gives you a chance to rule out a negative or allergic reaction on skin that is not easily seen before applying it to the face. If your patch test goes well, you should not have any problems with a full face treatment.


Q. Will this work for the discoloration on my hands and arms also?

A. The Alpha Light System + Peel is effective for treating areas other than the face, however it is important to note that you will need to modify the directions to the body skin AND it does take a bit longer to see results. This is due to the fact that the skin on the body can be anywhere from 2-4 times thicker than the face and less vascular/responsive. Instead of bi-weekly application of the peel, you would do it every week (body application ONLY). The Alpha Light Serum and Moisturizer should be applied 2 times a day and the Alpha Light Daily Exfoliator 1 time per day. You must protect this skin from sun exposure to avoid the return of the discoloration!


Q. I have several skin issues including hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and dullness. I want a strong peel, but my concern is that I sweat daily due to my job as a Group Fit Manager. Will that be a problem when using the Alpha Light Peel?

A. Because the Alpha Light Peel is a mid range peel and composed of mainly AHA, your skin will shed in smaller pieces (often called flaking) instead of big, intact sheets of skin. This allows your face to breath while exfoliating and should not cause any issues due to your activities at work.


Q. I am african american, medium toned skin and was having a dermatologist apply glycolic 50% for discoloration but haven’t had a peel in 2 months. Can I use Alpha Light at home and get the same results? I am concerned about hyperpigmentation and ruining my skin by doing a peel at home.

A. If you have safely had a series of glycolic peels 50% done at a doctors office, you will do well with the Alpha Light Peel and skin care system. It does NOT contain skin bleaching agents, which CAN cause a darkening of the skin in African American skin tones. Instead, it utilizes tyrosinase inhibitors – a fancy name for ingredients that suppress the abnormal pigment production, which quite areas of darkness back down to a normal level. This is the safest, most natural approach to evening the skin tone and I strongly recommend using the entire Alpha Light Sytstem + Peel to not only correct, but also prevent new discoloration.


Q. I have pigmentation under my eyes and now it's starting on my forehead so which peel is best for me . I never use any thing on my face and the darkness started one year back. I am 40 years old.

A. Is the pigmentation from circulation issues (puffy eyes as well, darker some days that others) or strictly melanin related? If it is strictly hyperpigmentation, you can very easily (but carefully) use the Alpha Light Essentials for gentle, progressive correction in this area. The Serum should be applied 2x day every day and the Exfoliator once every 2-3 days initially. You may eventually be able to work up to a once daily application of the Exfoliator but do so gradually to avoid excessive irritation in that delicate area.


Q. How often can I use the Alpha Light peel and how long before noticing results on sun spots?

A. If you are using the complete Alpha Light System + Peel, you should start to see some results in as little as 7 days and significant results after 2-3 peels. I always recommend photo documentation of your progress – one picture before you start, one after a week, and one after 3 peels. You can continue on after that but, those initial 3 should bring to light how much your skin has improved and give you incentive to continue with your treatments. Since Alpha Light doesn’t use skin bleach, you want to continue using daily Alpha Light Essentials as part of your daily skin care to maintain even skin tone.


Q. Looking for a beginner peel, something that will not dry the skin like the Retin A that I currently use. I want something best to brighten...some light wrinkling and a few brown spots.

A. Well, all peels do cause temporary dry/flaky skin. If you want to avoid any such discomfort, start with the Alpha Light System – daily exfoliator (like a daily strength peel), a treatment serum (lessens brown spots, fine lines, plumps the skin), a daily cleanser, and a daily moisturizer. All four products are specifically designed for daily use and to correct discoloration. You may want to cut back or discontinue your Retin A usage so as to not over exfoliate. The Alpha Light Exfoliator basically does the same job Retin A does – cause the skin to shed more quickly than it would on its own, therefore you do not need to use both every day.


Q. I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and was looking at purchasing the Alpha Light Essentials kit. These are daily products, right? I don’t want to do a chemical peel because I am afraid to damage my skin...with all the research I have done, I think these products have the right ingredients to help this..but I wanted to ask your opinion on it.

A. The Alpha Light Essentials is a perfect way to begin your treatment for hyperpigmentation, especially if you are concerned about your skin health. Some people find the Essentials kit (exfoliator and treatment serum) are enough for their expectations. The daily exfoliator gives your skin a light exposure to Alpha Hydroxy Acid along with other pigment correcting ingredients, and lets you skin slowly acclimate to chemically induced turn over. The Alpha Light Serum contains natural skin color correcting actives in addition to Hyaluronic Acid (a great skin nutrient and healing agent) and, together with the Exfoliator, you should see a nice result. Taking is slow and methodical are always the best option. After a while, you may find that your skin responds very well to these acids, and may eventually decide to accelerate to the Alpha Light Peel.


Q. How does the Alpha Light Serum work?

A. The skin lightening is a tyrosinase inhibitor. It stifles the production of tyrosine which is needed to develop melanin (pigment) It also contains hyaluronic acid for the health of the skin and restore hydration.


Q. What is unique about Alpha Light products?

A. We have had excellent results with the addition of Amino Acids which prevent the enzyme process from kick-starting the Tyrosinase process which would in turn activating the skin’s darkening process. Basically, we wanted to go one step further back in the skin darkening process and prevent the actual process from starting. Alpha Light Serum reaches back to the before the skin discoloration and darkening process begins and puts a stop to the hyperpigmentation process ever happening. Our research covered many aspects of skin lightening and good skin care. In our analysis we highlited the problem with trying to achieve skin lightening and as well solutions to overcome the hyperpigmentation challenge.


Q. Can I use the Alpha light skin lightening system in conjunction with Kojic 50%?

A. The two products are designed to work together as the skin lightening system will enhance the results of the kojic peel for a beautiful result.


Q. What is the best cream for hyperpigmentation issues?

A. The Alpha Light Skin Bright Moisturizer.


Q. Can I use the Alpha Light Kit on my underarms?

A. We recommend the Alpha Light Skin Bright System, as it is an exfoliator and a lightening serum as well as a cream.

For stretch marks, and all body treatments, stronger peels are usually required due to the skin being up to 4 times thicker than on the face. It is important to note that regardless of the peel strength, a stretch mark cannot be entirely removed. It is possible to improve the appearance however, and firm the skin in the process. Depending on the area of the body, Fusion can be an excellent choice especially for "newer" stretch marks.

The same peel used on the face can be used on the neck, décolleté and shoulders but must be left on for at least twice as long as the face. If intense correction is needed, you may opt for a stronger peel or one that is more aggressive than your selected facial peel. Fusion, being that it is a layered peel, gives you an excellent way to treat the face and thicker skinned areas by simply applying a second or third coat.


Q. Does the Alpha Light Skin Lightening Serum contain bleach?

A. No. The skin lightening system contains no bleaches or harmful skin lighteners.


Q. What can I use to remove my dark spots? I also have melasma.

A. We recommend using our Alpha Light Skin Bright System. It has all the best products, which works very well for removing dark spots, hyperpigmentation and all types of discolorations, including Melasma.


Q. Can you tell me how the Alpha Light Skin Bright products compare to TCA Peels? I have used TCA and found it too strong. I need something for pigmentation and that I can use on my body.

A. The Alpha Light Skin Bright System is not a peel and is much milder than a TCA procedure. In terms of results, it is a much more progressive approach but it is great if you don’t want to deal with any downtime between treatments. It’s excellent for pigmentation and contains natural skin lighteners to lighten discoloration and promote a more even skin tone. It may be used on the body as well as the face.


Q. I have dark spots and my skin is brown. What product is best for this?

A. The Alpha Light Skin Bright Serum would be the best product for this. It penetrates deep into the skin and provides optimal results.


Q. I'm 34 and I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) so I still get acne like I am going through puberty. I am now only oily in my t-zone and have large pores. I have fair skin and there are dark spots around my chin and neck from acne scars, as well as dark marks on my cheeks as well. What would you recommend to battle these problems?

A. We recommend using the Alpha Light Skin Bright System as it targets all of the symptoms that have been discussed. The Alpha Light Skin Bright Exfoliator lifts away dull skin to reveal a brighter, more uniform complexion. Boosts the process of evening out the skin tone as skin renews faster with fresh collagen and elastin. The Alpha Light Microdermabrasion uses the exact same crystals you find in the microdermabrasion machines only, you control the pressure and save BIG on the price. Infused with our Super Herbal Skin Lightening Cocktail, your skin will glow like never before.


Q. I am tanned and have pigmentation and a pregnancy mask from 3 years ago. I have a combination/oily skin type. What would you recommend to conquer these issues?

A. The Alpha Light Skin Bright Serum evens out skin tone with results that equal to the leading brand. The serum does not have any of the harmful chemicals such as hydroquinone and can reduce your problems in as little as 2 weeks*. Please follow the directions accordingly to receive the maximum results.